I’d take family over gluten any day!

I love gluten.  My heritage is Ukrainian and I grew up eating lots of wheat.  Ukraine is known as “the breadbasket of Eastern Europe” so it’s pretty befitting that I love it so much.  When I was pregnant all I could eat was bread, toast to be exact.  And I decided that if I had to choose my final meal in life it would include crusty French bread, good olive oil and a deep Cab.  So when I recently found out my husband can not have gluten at all I was devastated.  He had already had a wheat intolerance so I use a lot of spelt, which has 1/3 of the gluten of wheat.  Spelt is great and it’s what I use for my baking business as well.  It’s a beautiful grain that’s a powerhouse of nutrients, but alas still has gluten.

Instead of wallowing in my wheat-less sorrows I have decided to embrace this journey of gluten free cooking full force.  It’s not that this cooking and baking style it new to me; I have some items on my menu that are gluten free.  It’s just that now it’s all I am going to be cooking at home for meals.  And don’t worry friends,  Sugar Plum Vegan will still carry it’s wonderful spelt products and probably add a few new gluten free sweets that will come from this blog.

I really feel that sharing the same foods with your family is important.  I think the idea of eating separate meals is strange and also a lot of work.  So if one of us can’t have gluten we are all going to adapt and welcome this new change with open arms.  Because I’d take family over gluten any day.

Enjoy this new blog and I all of your comments, suggestions and such are welcome!


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